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Reiki and Sound healing at The Zen Den

what is biofield tuning? 

 Biofield Tuning is a type of  energy work that helps to relieve emotional and physical stress in the mind and body through sound. It is a holistic wellness modality that uses the vibration from tuning forks to induce targeted relaxation and to recalibrate our vibrational rhythms from stressors that deplete us. It improves your flow state, increases energy, calms the mind, enhances focus, reduces pain, rids anxiety, improves mood, deeper sleep, activates and elevates intuition and so much more.

  • 60 Min Session

Eric Crossley

Eric Crossley is a dedicated member and advocate of the holistic wellness and health industry, having served in this field for over a decade. He began his career as a personal trainer, focusing on mobility and movement. Due to his passion for music, Eric became interested in sound healing modalities, eventually obtaining certifications as a Reiki master, Biofield Tuning Practitioner, and Sound Healing Guide. For the past four years, Eric has been providing these healing services in the greater bay area, from his local location in Pinole to as far as Santa Cruz, Redding, Sonora, and other nearby and distant locations. Eric's commitment to growth, self-care, and helping others has led him to participate in plant medicine circles and healing groups. He continually expands his knowledge through education in neuro-linguistic programming, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and advanced sound healing techniques and practices. Eric ensures that each client has a unique and individual experience, recognizing and honoring their personal journey. "Every path is different, and I honor and recognize our individual experiences. We are all just walking each other home," says Eric. Book your next sound healing experience with Eric today and be well.